Modernised, Simple & Convenient

Meiziya pledges modern pharmaceutical new technology methods to transform ancient traditional remedies to a series of Wellness Therapy in just ONE capsule for a wholesome internal organ activation of the 12 Meridians. From processing till packaging, Meiziya maintains the premium standards of Quality, Freshness and 100% Natural.

Bringing the Past to Present

The Twelve Meridians wellness has always been the core practise dated back to chinese dynasties. A Team of Chinese Medical Practitioners, usually given titles as officials to ensure that they have one task only. To ensure the life of their King is guarded with longevity. The discovery of the Twelve Meridians is core and has took many years of studies, experiments and prove that the formulation of herbs are found to be very effective towards body Qi and organ preservation. This traditional methods has continued to be practised till today.

One Capsule Concept

Even if we understand that recuperating the twelve meridians can lead to the overall health of the human body, not everyone can follow the traditional Chinese medicine therapy, go to acupuncture and prepare traditional Chinese medicine day after day. Therefore, the traditional ancient therapy must be combined with new technology to simplify the time-consuming process into a capsule that can be swallowed in half a second, unblocking the Qi and blood to achieve the effect of recuperating meridians, activating collaterals, dispelling diseases, and strengthening the body.

What they say about Meiziya

I suffered from Covid19 recently. It attacked my throat and nose (Flu). So I felt that the flow of air blocks up at my throat area. Felt uneasy as if my throat was tightened up. Immediate relief once I took QG Relief. After the second day of intake, it also broke down the phlegm and bacterias for easy excrement from my throat. Totally recommend this product for faster recovery.

Shireen Koh


Mark Lee




May Yoke

The difference is felt almost immediately after taking the Kang12 series. I had bloated and digestive issues from my early days due to my lifestyle with alcohol. As I aged, even walking takes the breath out of me within the house. Medical today cost alot, so prevention is always better than cure. There is no value to a healthy life.

Mr. Chin



I took the 12 Meridian, Kang 12 series with a before and after blood test. And showed my cholesterol, sleep time, breathing has improved alot. I also have Glaucoma with an average rating of 17 which is on a high side. After Meiziya product I am back to normal rating.

Mr. Tan SC


Mr. Fong


程旭辉 (辉哥)