Our Story   The Journey

Reflections on
Human Health State
post Covid-19 Outbreak

As the new Covid-19 pandemic swept the world in 2020, it seemed that many suffered from living under the threat of the virus and mental anxiety. With compassion, determination, and courage, Andy took the initiative to reach out to Chinese medicine practitioners in Malaysia, Singapore, China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong to explore solutions to overcome the coronavirus.

Collectively the team came to a conclusion that the coronavirus is not the cause of death, but the true culprit to the unfortunate death is the failure of other pre-existing organ diseases that disable the ability of the body to function correctly. When all organs in the body is strong enough, it can optimize immunity and survival rate after any infection.

Strong organs is the secret to immunity

12 Meridian to Achieve
Comprehensive Health

The best way to achieve comprehensive health is to reactivate the 12 meridians. The 12 meridians are the main channels for the movement of Qi and blood of the body. Each meridian also corresponds to a specific part of the human organ. Therefore, the 12 meridians are basically the core function of the human body. If the 12 meridians are unimpeded, healthier body can be guaranteed.

Ancient Therapy, Modern Technology

Millions spent on research of Meiziya 12 Meridian
Modernised Recuperation Methods

With immense passion for health care, Andy, collaborates with Prof. Dr. Teoh Boon Khai of Chinese and Western Medicine, and Teh Choon Wai, a renowned Chinese physician, jointly developed the Meiziya 12 Meridian Therapy, consisting of 12 types of modernized capsules for 12 meridians. Consuming twice daily, the reactivation of the 12 meridians can be completed after a 12-week course.

Stylish and Safe, Simple and Convenient

This simple and convenient method solves the problem of a modern lifestyle. No time needed for hours of traditional medication, no visits for acupuncture sessions. Due to decades of wrong living habits, our body has been exposed to many diseases or conditions but in just 3 months, Meiziya 12 meridians therapy can activate and allow the body to start to heal.

No long hours
herb brewing

No acupuncture

12 weeks of

& time-saving

The 12 Meridian Therapy capsule has successfully helped countless people regain a healthy and meaningful life.

Andy Goh, Founder