Our Story   The Modernisation

Recuperate 12 Meridians
with One Capsule

The initial concept of Meiziya was thru a comprehensive practise passed on from generations, but Teh Choon Wai challenged himself and decided to revolutionized this concept. Along with today’s technology Meiziya 12 meridians therapy was created based on the four stages: Purify, Cleanse, Tune & Revitalize, to suit the health needs of modern people.

Teh observed that people generally face gastrointestinal obstructions and virus cultivation. Hence, even if more supplements are taken, there is no ability to absorb nutrients. Therefore, it is essential to adjust the 12 meridians in the order of Purify, Cleanse, Tune & Revitalize, turning a weak body into a healthy one.





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The twelve meridians are the circulatory transmission system composed of the human body’s structure through the mixing of the yin and yang meridians from hands to feet. The inside leads to our internal organs better know between as the Five Viscera & Six Bowels.

Five Viscera(五臟 wǔ zàng) includes the heart, liver, spleen, lung, kidney and the Six Bowels (六腑 liù fǔ) are, gallbladder, stomach, small intestine, large intestine, bladder, Triple burner (三焦 sān jiāo), and pericardium.

Traditional Chinese Medicine.
Modern Production

Based on the essence of traditional Chinese medicine culture, Teh uses modern pharmaceutical concepts and advanced management methods to upgrade and transform traditional Chinese herbs. Manufacturing scientific Chinese herbs with modern production processes and technologies. Developing this based on inheritance, ushering the birth of “Meiziya” Chinese supplements.

Instead of just the usual blend and grind, Meiziya uses technology to extract the essence of the herb and concentrate it into a capsule, providing the best effect for consumers. At the same time, each capsule is made of natural herbaceous material, tested by the Malaysian Pharmaceutical Authority (NPRA) with absolutely no side effects, guaranteed safe, Halal certified, and 100% vegan too. Anyone can also consume it with confidence.

Teh Choon Wai, Co-founder