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The Elite Team Behind Meiziya

A Health enthusiast with the renowned Professor Dr. Teoh and Dr. Teh, Andy has invested millions in transforming the 12 Meridian methods into modernised capsules. In the begining, the product was given to closer circule of friends and groups in need and it saw tremendous results from the consumers. Hence, the decision to make it accessible to more people who are suffering the same kind of problems.

Founder of Meiziya

Andy Goh

Founder of OldTown White Coffee
Founder of Ipoh Nam Heong
Founder of Mecan

Goh Ching Mun, better known as Andy Goh is the founder of OldTown White Coffee, a household name in Malaysia, started a localized café chain that opened up a new chapter in the history of the coffee shop. Ipoh Nam Heong, that remains under his leadership, is the first restaurant in the country to use robots to serve dishes, has since injected new trends into the traditional eatery industry. Self-declared as a “Kopitiam boy”, Andy started brewing coffee in his grandfather’s shop every day since he was 7 years old until he became a leader in the industry.

But his biggest interest is not coffee or tea, but medicine and health care. In 2022, he actualizes this idea by researching, developing, and launching the world’s first 12 Meridian Recuperating Therapy. Andy was born with a weak physique, although not suffering from any serious illnesses, was never as energetic as any other child of his age. As a result, he sought out the best Chinese medicine practitioners in the hope of becoming stronger, but his physical condition still did not improve, and as he got older, he had to deal with more symptoms, but he never stopped learning about medicine and health care.

As the news of Covid19 pandemic swept the world in 2020, the Malaysian government implemented a lockdown, seeing many people living under the threat of the virus and mental anxiety. Andy spent millions to produce the 12 meridian therapy and distributed it amongst his relatives, friends, and groups in need, and saw tremendous success in regain a health and recover. The most gratifying results is of his very own father who is in his 80s and his beloved mother who is in her 70s has also reversed their aging diseases that has been entangled for many years.

As the feedbacks came pouring in from many that he helped, he realizes that such a good product should be accessible to more people and he finally decided to set up Meiziya to distribute the product through network marketing structure, because the 12 meridians recuperating method requires a journey and the services of the distributor can follow thru with the consumer through the course.

Meiziya 12-meridian therapy is not only an initiative of the TCM healthcare arena but also a complete solution for comprehensive health. It is a good cause to help others and help ourselves. We welcome all with mindfulness and kindness to join us.

Co-founder of Meiziya

Dr. Teh Choon Wai

Global Acupuncture Rescue Traditional and Complementary Medical Society (GARS) – President of Malaysian Association
Acquired the professional qualification of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture in 2004
21 years of experience in the production of health products and traditional Chinese medicine
Developed more than 300 products certified by the Malaysian Ministry of Health

Dr. Teh obtained the professional certification of Traditional Chinese Medicine and acupuncture in 2004, and has 21 years of experience in manufacturing health products and Traditional Chinese Medicine. He has a brilliant record of developing more than 300 related products that have been reviewed and approved by the Malaysian Ministry of Health. He is a very devoted in the world of Traditional Chinese Medicine and has established companies including;

Land Herbs Pte Ltd: a business partner of more than 800 Chinese medicine clinics and pharmacies;

Nutrifood International Pte Ltd: A nutritional supplement manufacturer holding HACCP, Food GMP and other safety and good manufacturing certifications, and its products are also Halal certified.

HB Herbalist Pte Ltd: provides product development and material procurement services for OEM merchants.

Wan Yeen Trading Sdn Bhd: A traditional Chinese medicine manufacturer with GMP Good Manufacturing Certification, all products have been reviewed and approved by the Ministry of Health of Malaysia, and also obtained the halal certificate issued by JAKIM (Malaysian Islamic Development Agency).

And finally, Meiziya in 2021, playing an integral role in promoting the world’s first 12-meridian therapy.

Meiziya Chief Advisor

Prof. Dr. Teoh Boon Khai

International Acupuncturist
Doctor of Chinese and Western Medicine.
Director of TCM Joint Clinic, Malaysian Tai Hospital
Chief Professor of Traditional Medicine, Southwest University
Visiting Professor, Institute of Integrative Medicine, Dalian University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, China
Consultant of China Medical University in Malaysia
Observer Representative of WHO Western Pacific Conference WFAS/TCM/NGO Conference
Observer for the World Health Assembly in Geneva
Think Tank of Economic Development Centre, Prime Minister’s Office, Malaysia
Chief Physician, Department of Traditional Medicine, Sultan Ismail Government Hospital, Johor Bahru, Ministry of Health, Malaysia
WFAS Acupuncture Specialist
Research Expert, Institute of Integrative Natural Medicine, Malaysia

Professor Teoh Boon Khai graduated from Taiwan China Medical University with a Bachelor of Medicine in Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine, went on to obtain a Doctor of Physiology and Medicine from St. Paul University and a Doctor of Traditional Medicine from Southwestern University. From 1988 to 2012, he worked in western medicine enviroment, orthopedics and internal healing in Taiwan, and from 2012 to 2015, he returned to his home country, Malaysia, as the Chief Physician of the Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Herbal Oncology at the Sultan Ismail Government Hospital, Johor Bahru and is currently the Malaysian Tai Hospital. He is also the Dean of Traditional Medicine Joint Clinic, Chief Professor of Traditional Medicine at Southwestern University, and The Professor Councellor at the Institute of Integrative Medicine, Dalian University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, China.

He was also involved with WHO World Health Assembly as an observer and the think tank of Economic Development Centre within the Prime Minister’s Department of Malaysia. Since, he also took on a role as a Chief Advisor Physician in Meiziya, he has led a strong team of more than 40 professional doctors graduated from the departments of traditional Chinese medicine in universities in Malaysia, the United States, China and Taiwan that took part in jointly verifying Meiziya’s 12 meridian modernised products.

Meiziya 12 Meridian Therapy is a pioneering work in the field of Chinese medicine health care, and it is also a complete solution for humans to pursue comprehensive health...

Andy Goh, Founder