Our Philosophy   Protein-Meridian Relationship

Modern Scientific Theory
Protein-Meridian Relationship

Today, we are quite familiar with the value of protein, knowing that it is one of the most important nutrients indispensable to the human body, but few know that protein and meridian also have a very close relationship. Meridians and proteins are at first glance seem irrelevant, but there is a very similar morphology of efficacy between the two because their effects are related to Qi and blood.

With smoother flowing meridians, proteins can be distributed and absorbed equally to the cells throughout the body to function; While strong body cells bring a smooth circulation of Qi and blood, allowing the twelve meridians to circulate in an optimised manner throughout the body.

Protein is the most important component to the body.

Proteins remain in plasma that makes up 55% of human blood. The circulation of blood is the source of vitality. The smooth function of the meridians gives blood sufficient energy the strength of the meridians, and promotes the balanced distribution of the blood. functional effects of proteins.